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The Good Life

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The first time I ever had pineapple was in the form of small chunks found atop a "Hawaiian pizza." My response to the small, sweet fruit was "meh". Years later on a trip to Trinidad and Tobago I experienced some freshly sliced pineapple that had just been picked locally. It was so fresh and bursting with flavor. In no way did it compare to the soggy chunks found atop a poorly named pizza so many years ago.


This experience got me thinking; what if there are other aspects of life that are liked canned pineapple chunks when there is freshly sliced pineapple that is so good just waiting to be plucked, savored, and lived out?

What I've found is that there is a life Jesus desires for us all that is truly the good life; one full of flavor and satisfaction. Yet too often we find ourselves content to feast on the canned chunks of a life apart from God.

Join us this October as we explore how knowing and following Jesus brings greater satisfaction, joy, purpose, and fulfillment to our lives.

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