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We strive to teach and preach God's word in a way that gives handlebars to the truth of God as we journey together in life. You are welcome to listen online or better yet, we invite you to be our guest in person by joining us any Sunday morning at the Meadowland barn. All are welcome!

A Helpful Series

(6/16 - 7/28)


Wisdom can be found all around us. Its written on t-shirts and bumper stickers, framed on the walls of our homes and institutions, and it can even find its way to the walls of social media.

Yet so often, we give a wise saying just enough attention for us to give it a read and think "Hey, that's clever." After that, its possible we may never think about it again.

But when a trusted friend, caring neighbor, or loving parent shares a word of wisdom with us, it should cause us to pause and take note, because the source of and heart behind a helpful word can change the way we listen and respond.

Join us on a journey into the book of Proverbs this summer as we hear some wise words from a loving Father. We could all use a little help.

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