Arrowwood Learning Community

Welcome, we are glad you are here.  We are a group of parents that strive to make high qualify education accessible to all. 
See our calendar of events for this year.
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- 2023 Schedule with Curriculum links (subject to change)
2024-2025 - Schedule (subject to change)
- 2024-2025 - Daily Schedule with Curriculum Links ( Spreadsheet has multiple tabs)

We would love to hear from you and address your questions.

After school classes

Volunteer Opportunities

- Field trip/party/showcase night planner
- Nursery volunteer

About us:


We want to empower and support parents to teach their child regardless if a child attends public, private, or are homeschooled. As we grow we hope to offer additional classes for children that attend a traditional school.


We believe in teaching learners how to learn and to love learning. We will offer opportunities to learn knee to knee and side by side in multiage settings.  During our gatherings we will give time to recitation/memorization, classical music appreciation/history, art, and literature approached with the Socratic Method.  Additionally, classes consisting education around finance, civics, logic, and more to be determined  will be offered at regular intervals. 

Growing things Change

As we grow and change we want to ensure that we reflect those in our community. Every group and community is different and we hope to help everyone share their gifts and become a community that reflects those differences.