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2 ways to gathering together on Sunday mornings:
1.  ONLINE here or via the Meadowland App for a live broadcast starting at 9:00 am
2. In person INSIDE at the Meadowland Barn

We invite you to gather with us  every Sunday at 9:00 am!

Unboxing Lent

We invite you to Unbox Lent  weekly with us on the road to Easter 2021. Beginning the week of February  21st and continuing all the way up to Easter, you will receive a box of weekly resources dropped off at your door. Each box will have some fun activities, games, snacks, discussion questions, and/or Lent readings geared towards spiritual growth and fellowship as we celebrate the risen Jesus. This is something for the whole family to participate in.

STEP 1 – invite other families/individuals to commit to joining with you in your home each week (pick whatever day and time works for you)

STEP 2 – register to receive a weekly Lent box delivered directly to your front door

STEP 3 – gather together with those you invited to your home and unbox Lent together each week. You could even host a Sunday morning watch party in your home for your group and then go through the box together after our Sunday morning gathering concludes. Find what works best for you and your group.

Meadowland livestream

Welcome! We are so glad you joined us and would love to connect and journey with you beyond Sunday gatherings.

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Current Series

Breathe Deep

Breathing is a life giving and consistent action that we often rarely think about, yet it is a significant part of living. Similarly, a relationship with the Holy Spirit is a life giving and consistent aspect of following Jesus that many disciples rarely think about despite its significance in one's spiritual health.

When we do think about the Holy Spirit, we are often faced with confusion, misunderstanding, and mystery. Gaining a clearer view of who the Holy Spirit is and living a life of looking to Him can bring the same strength and refreshment one gains when they pause to breathe deep.

Join us Sunday's at 9:00AM as we learn more about who the Holy Spirit is and what it looks like to breathe deep in our relationship with Him.

Life is a journey that
no one should walk alone

Life is marked by a journey of change and next steps.
Along this spiritual journey it is our aim to grow and  help others grow in  relationship with God and with others. Everything about our gatherings, worship, community involvement, and teaching is driven by our desire to help people take the next step on their spiritual journey.

Here at Meadowland we care more about your future than we do your past! We are a church filled with imperfect people learning to follow Jesus together as we take the next steps on our journey with God. Meadowland Church is filled with people just like you, and we invite you to come  visit and join us; no one should have to walk alone.