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2 ways to gathering together on Sunday mornings:
1. In person INSIDE at the Meadowland Barn
2.  ONLINE here or via the Meadowland App for a live broadcast starting at 10:00 am

We invite you to gather with us  every Sunday at 10:00 am!

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Welcome! We are so glad you joined us and would love to connect and journey with you beyond Sunday gatherings.

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Unboxing Advent

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Once again we are Unboxing Advent and are starting the week of November 28th. Unboxing Advent is an opportunity to gather together with others during each week of Advent and work through a box of activities, lessons, snacks, and other celebration ideas that are delivered weekly to your door. The goal is to actively wait for and celebrate the arrival of "God with us." 

If you have any questions you can email us at info@meadowlandchurch.org.

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Current Series


Series Begins 01.02.22

Life is a journey that
no one should walk alone

Life is marked by a journey of change and next steps.
Along this spiritual journey it is our aim to grow and  help others grow in  relationship with God and with others. Everything about our gatherings, worship, community involvement, and teaching is driven by our desire to help people take the next step on their spiritual journey.

Here at Meadowland we care more about your future than we do your past! We are a church filled with imperfect people learning to follow Jesus together as we take the next steps on our journey with God. Meadowland Church is filled with people just like you, and we invite you to come  visit and join us; no one should have to walk alone.