The vision at Meadowland is to be a place where lives are changed by Jesus and disciples of Jesus are made. We believe that life is a journey and no one should have to walk alone, so we are a church filled with imperfect people who are learning what it means to follow Jesus and take some next steps on our walk with God together.

At Meadowland we care more about your future than we do your past! Having a true understanding of purpose, growing in relationship with God and with others, coming to know who Jesus is and why its important to our lives - the Christian life is marked by change and next steps. Everything about our worship gatherings, growth process, community service, and teaching is driven by our desire to help people take the next step on their spiritual journey.

Meadowland is filled with people just like you. Come as you are and join us on the Journey!



As we take steps on our journey and grow in our relationship and understanding of God, we begin to increasingly care about the things that Jesus cares about. Our heart and desires should grow to reflect the heart and desires of Jesus. With that in mind, we believe that at the core of every follower of Jesus, there should be a passion, urgency, and involvement to see others lives changed by Jesus.


At Meadowland we believe that we are all on a spiritual journey. Whether you are curious and asking questions or a follower of Jesus learning to surrender to God's desires for your life, a spiritual journey is one of taking the next step before you towards God. As we take our next steps we find that we are in a new place, a changed person. Following Jesus leads to growth and growing people change.


God is calling us to participate in his plan of loving the world and serving others and there are many opportunities to serve both within the church and in our communities. We believe that God leads followers of Jesus to serve others in various ways and through many different means. Ultimately, to serve is to offer our own time, energy, and resources to make much of the name of Jesus, showing others that they are loved by God and by the people of God.


As a changed people, we cannot ignore God's call for followers of Jesus to give joyfully and to give generously to both the work of the local church and to the blessing of others. As followers of Jesus we have been blessed and are to be a blessing to others in the name of Jesus. In giving of our finances, we also declare a freedom from the love of money.


Living in community is essential for every follower of Jesus. Within the Meadowland community we spur one another on towards love and good deeds, we support one another in overcoming temptation, we press on together in living out the commands of God, and we become servants like Jesus. Human beings were never meant to live life isolated and alone. 


Discipleship is all about helping someone else take their next steps on their journey with God while taking your next steps on your journey with God. We believe that each one of us is called to play a part in this process so it is our desire as a church to create an environment where we can grow and mature in our faith together. A disciple of Jesus works to make disciples of Jesus.