30 Selfless days

Welcome to the "30 SELFLESS DAYS" challenge.

Regardless of who you think Jesus is, one thing that is clear is that Jesus lived with others in mind. He came not to be served, but to serve others. And in doing so, he started a movement that has forever changed the world for the better as others follow him and his example of being others-minded. Our goal in this challenge is to become more like Jesus in living with others in mind and by doing so bring about the good of others. Thank you for joining with us in this journey of becoming a people who are living more with others in mind.

Heres the challenge:

Below is a list of 60 ideas on how to live with others in mind. Each day in the month of November, choose one to complete for a total of 30 days of living with others in mind. It's that simple.

As we journey together throughout November, would you be willing to share your story with others of becoming more others minded? Share on social media with the tag #30selflessdays or email your story to 30selflessdays@gmail.com.

60 ideas to living more with others in mind

  1. Write a letter to a someone that you have been at odds with expressing something about them that you are genuinely thankful for.
  2. Provide a meal for or share a meal with another family or individual.
  3. Hold the door for others today.
  4. Let someone in front of you while driving on the road today.
  5. Donate or give away an item that has plenty of life left in it.
  6. Have a family date spending time with your spouse and kids, parents, or siblings focused on each other.
  7. Donate some time today to listen to someone who is having a bad day.
  8. Tell them “I am sorry;” you know who.
  9. Compliment someone on a job well done; be specific in your praise and about how his or her work blessed others.
  10. Visit your grandparents or another elderly individual in your life.
  11. Call your mother or a mother in your life and thank them for all that they do for others.
  12. Give others more of your attention by going through a day staying off of social media/phone/games.
  13. Ask someone how you can pray for them and then pray for them.
  14. Share your appreciation for a boss/mentor.
  15. Go out of your way to be kind to someone today.
  16. Intentionally make someone smile/laugh today.
  17. Do someone’s chore(s) for them without expecting anything in return.
  18. Have a conversation with someone who you think might be lonely.
  19. Don’t complain today.
  20. Leave a bigger tip for a server than you’d typically leave and leave them a personalized “thank you” note on the bill.
  21. Bring a treat to your neighbor.
  22. Bring someone a coffee or their beverage of choice.
  23. Leave an encouraging note for your kid(s), grandkid(s), or a young student in your life.
  24. Choose happiness as your mood for the day.
  25. Call or visit a friend who you haven’t talked to in a long time.
  26. Clean up after someone without grumbling.
  27. Write a note to someone who has made an investment/positive impact in your life to tell them how they have impacted you.
  28. Show your appreciation for a first responder/civil servant in whatever way you would like.
  29. Let your significant other or friend choose what movie to watch, what to eat, or any other decision that is a coveted decision whenever you are both together.
  30. Pray for someone else with each meal today. One idea is to pray for those in your field of vision while you eat regardless of how much you know or don’t know about their story.
  31. When you find yourself speaking well of someone today, take the time to call them directly and share your words with them as well.
  32. Make the extra effort to pass gas in private today. :)
  33. Throw away some litter left behind by others.
  34. Plant a tree or some other kind of plant.
  35. Be extra patient with others throughout the day.
  36. Find a way to pay for someone else today.
  37. Babysit someone else’s kids for them.
  38. Help someone finish a personal project or task.
  39. Help a neighbor with his or her yardwork.
  40. Fast from something today while praying for others; pray every time you think about whatever it is you are fasting from.
  41. Compliment someone in each location you are in today (IE: home, work, store, gym, etc.)
  42. Take a walk through your neighborhood praying for God’s blessing for your neighbors.
  43. Start your day reading through the book of Philippians.
  44. Invite someone new to join you for your Thanksgiving celebration.
  45. Think of someone you think might not get a lot of “thank you’s” and go out of your way to thank them for the work they do.
  46. Park at the back of the parking lot and use the walk to and from the store to pray for the people you see around you and for your community. Return a stray cart to the cart corral while praying.
  47. Help someone in need today expecting/taking nothing in return.
  48. Make a donation to a charity that serves others.
  49. Find a way to let someone know you are thinking about them and are in their corner.
  50. Skip a meal today and find a way to bless someone else using the funds you didn’t spend on that meal.
  51. Volunteer to serve somewhere (IE: Feed My Starving Children, 1st Way Life Center, local food pantries, etc.).
  52. Buy a pack of gum or mints with the intention of giving it all away piece by piece.
  53. Put someone else’s shopping cart away for them. Perhaps even seek out someone that could use a hand unloading their groceries.
  54. Smile, make eye contact, and greet others warmly today.
  55. Let someone go in front of you in line, walking into a building, or looking for a parking spot.
  56. Ask others if you can get them anything next time you get up to get something for yourself.
  57. Leave a place cleaner than when you first arrived.
  58. Talk less today and listen to others more.
  59. Show someone an extra measure of grace and understanding today.
  60. __________ Come up with your own original way to be more selfless today.